65w USB Type C Ac Adapter 4X20M26268 With 2 Prong Power Cord Included, Black In The Original Retail Packaging


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Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

Connectivity Technology USB
Connector Type USB 3.0
Compatible Devices T470, T470s, T480, T480s, T490, T490s, T495, T495s, T570, T580, T590 , TP25, ThinkBook 13s Gen 2, ThinkBook 14 Gen 2,14 Gen 2,14s Gen 2, 15 Gen 2, 11e 4th Gen, 11e 5th Gen, 11e 6th Gen, 13 1st Gen ,, E580, E585, E590, E595, Hub 700, L13 Clam 2nd Gen,L13 Clam,L13 Yoga 2nd Gen,L13 Yoga,L14 AMD G1,L14 G2,L14 Gen 2,L15 AMD G1,L15 G2, L15 Gen 2,L380,L390,L480,L490,L580,L590,100e 2nd Gen,100e Chromebook 2nd Gen,100e Chromebook,10e Chromebook Tablet, 14e Chromebook, 14w ,300e 2nd Gen,300e Chromebook 2nd Gen,300e Chromebook,500e Chromebook 2nd Gen,500e Chromebook,Tablet 10,ThinkBook 13s,ThinkBook 14,ThinkBook 14s,ThinkBook 15, V320,0Y520,ideapad 320-14AST,ideapad 320,ideapad 320S,ideapad 320S,ideapad 520S,ideapad 720,ideapad 720S,T14s AMD G1, P15s G1, P43s, P51s, P52s, P53s, S1 4th Gen-STORM-3.0, T14 AMD G1, T14s AMD G1,, A285,A485,C13 Yoga G1 Chromebook, E14 G2,E14 Gen 2, E14, E14-IML,E15 G2,E15 Gen 2-ARE,E15-IML,E480,E485,E490,E490s,E495,, 13 2nd Gen, A475,L14,L15,P14s,P15v,T14,T14s,T15,T15p,X1 Tablet Gen 3, X1 Tablet, X270,Yoga 370,X1 Carbon 5th Gen, 6th gen,7th gen,8th gen, X1 Fold, X1 Nano, X1 Yoga 2nd Gen, 3rd gen, 4th gen , 5th gen , X13 AMD G1, X13 G1,X13 Yoga,X270,X280, X380 Yoga-STORM-3.0, X390 Yoga, X390 , X395, 4X20M26268 , 4X20M26252 , 4X20M26282 , 01FR025, 42T5008 , 01FR024 , 42T5071 See more
Included Components AC Adapter
Special Feature 4x20m26268 is only made for the USA Region / Lenovo Part Numbers are Country Specific., Lenovo Authenticity Sealed 65w USB Type C Ac Adapter Charger 4X20M26268 With 2 Prong Power Cord Retail Packaging, 4x20m26268 65w standard ac adapter ( USB-Type C ) – US/CAN/MEX. Lenovo Authenticity Sealed 4x20m26268 With UPC : 191200521621 , EAN : 0191200521621 , JAN: 4573438769369, Cord Length specs : 2 Pin Power Cord/Wall plug cord is 3 feet long. The USB-C Cord from the AC to your machine is 5 feet 6 inches long. See more
Input Voltage 240 Volts
Mounting Type Wall Mount


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